Chasing Bijoux in Paris

Historic Vendôme

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Place Vendôme has been an internationally recognized fine jewelry destination for royalty, celebrities and the international elite for over 100 years. On this tour we use the magnificent window displays of the historic jewelry houses as our private jewelry exhibit. We explore the history of each jewelry house and discuss how Place Vendôme became an important part of Paris' cultural heritage.

This 2 hour walking tour explores the famous jewelry houses of Place Vendôme, their unique histories, magnificent jewels, and famous clientele.

Private Tour:

  • 250€
  • Up to 6 people
  • Tuesday through Saturday at your desired time

Open Group Tour:

  • Available May 1st - September 31st
  • 45€ per person
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00pm

Museum Visit


Musée des Arts Decoratifs houses the largest collection of French national jewellery in the world. Their jewelry collection totals over 4000 pieces from antiquity to present day with 1200 pieces on permanent display, including one of the largest Art Nouveau jewelry collections in the world. Important works include jewels by Lalique, Falize, Belperron, Templier, Vever, Fouquet, J.A.R. and Schlumberger.

This 2 hour guided visit explores the historical and cultural significance of jewellery through the ages. We discuss topics like the history of the gemstone trade, jewelry techniques and trends, and the great master jewelers who defined the craft of fine jewellery as we know it today.

Private Tour:

  • 375€
  • Up to 4 people
  • Admission included
  • Tuesday to Sunday at your desired time

Open Group Tour:

  • Available May 1st - September 31st
  • 85€ per person
  • Includes admission
  • Every Wednesday at 3:00pm


Marché aux Puces

It's all about the chase! There is nothing more fun than wandering the stalls of a flea market and the markets in France reign supreme. The Marché aux Puces can be an excellent source for buying antique fine jewelry and vintage costume jewelry, the secret is knowing what to look for!

Enjoy a day at one of the many flea markets in and around Paris. I'll show you where to go and help you make smart decisions on what to buy, and I don't accept commission from any of the dealers.

Private Tour:

  • Saturday, Sunday, Monday
  • Private groups only
  • Up to 6 people
  • 350€ per group for half day
  • 650€ per group for full day

New! Self Guided Tour of the Marché


Beyond the Boutique

Beyond The Boutique is an intimate experience inside the atelier of a third generation family jewelry house in Paris. We follow a piece of jewelry through each meticulous step of the French fabrication method, from initial concept to final creation.

In this visit you will discover the distinctive elements that set French jewelry apart and meet the dedicated artisans committed to keeping the traditions of handmade fine jewelry alive.

Private Tour:

Due to the nature of this visit, please submit a booking request for more information.