Six Degrees of Elizabeth Taylor's VCA Earrings

One of the things I love most about jewels are the stories that accompany them. Today, my Dad shared a story with me about Elizabeth Taylor and a pair of Van Cleef & Arpels earrings that I will never forget.

Way back in 1986, my Dad was driving down Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles and looked up and saw a giant billboard with a photograph of Elizabeth Taylor standing in front of a panel of glass that he had etched and carved (Dad is an artist). The etched glass panel had just been rented by Kenny Rogers, who apparently used it as a backdrop to photograph Elizabeth Taylor for his new book Kenny Rogers Your Friends and Mine.

As Dad proudly finished his anecdote, rambling about how he has a copy of the book autographed by Elizabeth Taylor somewhere, I couldn't stop thinking about jewelry! What jewels did she pick to wear in that photo?! The photo made the cover of the book, and this is Elizabeth Taylor, so she had to be wearing something fabulous.

elizabeth taylor.jpg

A little bit of research et voila! Elizabeth Taylor was photographed wearing her beautiful mystery set sapphire and diamond earrings by Van Cleef and Arpels. The same pair of earrings that sold or $338,500 in the unforgettable Collection of Elizabeth Taylor: The Legendary Jewels sale with Christies in 2011.

 photo courtesy of Christie's

photo courtesy of Christie's


The earrings were made in 1985 and the book was published in 1987. There she was, showing off her stunning new (now historic) Van Cleef & Arpels earrings, right in front of a piece of glass hand made by my Dad and forever captured in a photograph by Kenny Rogers.

How awesome is that.