Parisian Jewels at Mes Créateurs Joailliers

Last weekend I attended the first annual Mes Créateurs Joailliers salon at the Hotel de L’Industrie in the heart of Saint Germain-des-Pres. This show was created to honor independent jewelers and the artisanal craft of fine jewellery in France. An intimate event with just 15 jewelers exhibiting bespoke pieces made by hand in their Parisian ateliers. As an advocate for the craft of fine jewellery, you can imagine how excited I was to attend an event that aligned so perfectly with my ethos.  

All of the jewellery at the show was exceptional so it was impossible to pick a favorite, but here are a few photos I snapped of some of the pieces that I really loved.

I couldn't resist these gorgeous gem set rings by Rosset-Gaulejac, each piece is one of a kind and made by hand in their atelier in the 6eme arrondissement. Starting from the left is a bombe ring with 11.03 carats of spinel set in 18k yellow gold, a 17.00 carat green tourmaline in 18k yellow gold with multicolor tourmaline, and a beautiful 16.00 carat rubellite set in 18k yellow gold with diamonds.

This fabulous cocktail ring, appropriately named the Looping Ring because of the loops that hold the stone, has a stunning 16.09 carat yellow and green tourmaline with 2.80 carats of diamonds set in 18k white gold. Notice the yellow, green and orange hues? This is natural and caused by pleochroism, a common trait found in tourmaline which allows you to see different colors depending on which direction you view the stone.

This may look like just another variation of the stacking diamond ring on trend, but don’t be fooled. Unlike others, this ring is composed of seven individually made diamond bands with 1.90 carats of diamonds in 18k white and rose gold that are connected by hand made gold pins, not by soldering them together. It is this kind of attention to detail that makes the craftsmanship of Rosset-Gaulejac so exquisite.

For the last 15 years Catherine Gourgoury has been making jewellery for the houses of Place Vendôme. She launched her own line of beautifully crafted jewellery six months ago and now only designs and makes jewellery under her own name. Each piece is made by Catherine in her atelier in the 9eme arrondissement of Paris. She uses traditional French fabrication which translates into a line of jewellery that is edgy and modern with the quality and craftsmanship of Place Vendôme.

The Bague Victoire ring features rock crystal, black spinel and pearls set in 18k white gold. I just love the unexpected details of this ring!

Similar to a stacking ring, the Bague Cassandre is three rings in one however they don't stack on top of one another, they are made to fit within each other. The rings can be worn together, like the photo on the left, or individually. Available in 18k white or yellow gold with or without diamonds.  

If you are interested in learning more about the jewelers that exhibited at the salon, you can check out the full exhibitor list and find links to their individual websites here.